During my education I have worked with a great variaty of products. The decision with which of them I wanted to work has been made fast:




Ingenious high-qualtity ingedients such as oat, rice, sea buckthorn, cucumber, flower oil, avocado, tulipwood, juniper - to name a few - make these products so unique and valuable. You can feel the "wow-effect" directly after the treat,ment!

special care products

...provide the possibility to take daily changing needs of your skin.


...used two or three times a week are high-efficient troubleshooters for your skin.

eye care products

...for day and night protect your sensitive eye area from signs of skin ageing.

soap-free facial cleanser

...remove impurities, solve skin problems and prepare your skin for following care.

moisturizer to strengthen your natuaral defences of your skin and regulate your hydrologic balance.


...remove dead cells smoothly and provide a fresh and clear complexion.


Use all products sparingly, because of pure substances.


Obviously none of the products of both companies are or were tested on animals!